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    About privacy economics


    The economics of privacy is a field of research that studies the costs and benefits associated with personal information –- for the data subject, the data holder, and for society as a whole. Analyzing privacy from an economic perspective does not imply that all privacy issues have explicit monetary dimensions. Rather, it is a realization that decisions of data subjects and data holders about personal data involve complex trade-offs. (Acquisti 2014)

    As a field of research, privacy economics has been active for some decades. The relationship between privacy and economics has many dimensions. This project is focused on the “business of privacy” (availability of privacy enhanced technologies); contrast this with the market for personal information; or how privacy effects market efficiency. Below is a  non-exhaustive list of books, papers, and websites touching the broader field for those interested.

    Privacy economics remains somewhat of a niche field, despite this breadth of work. It  complement the volumes of legal, technical, and philosophical research on privacy.


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